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When you sign up today, you will receive IMMEDIATE access to 90 minutes of  video content. Fit it into your busy life with a bowl of popcorn, or take the full 6 weeks (with unlimited access) to fully digest and implement the proven insights to help you gain Clarity, Vision and Direction in your Homeschool and lift you above the daily chaos [especially during these turbulent times].

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What You're Going to Learn In This Course
How to Organize Your Day
You want to feel like you know what you're doing. We show you how to balance your kids' education and home responsibilities so both your kids' studies and your home are at their best.
Find Curriculum That Works
Discover how to gain confidence to know that you are doing all that is needed for your child.
We can point you to curriculums that work and teach you how to make a curriculum all your own. 
Consistency Is Your Friend
Being consistent and staying on routine are one of the most challenging parts of homeschooling. Learn from us how to make it work without pulling your hair out.
How to Use the Time You Have Most Effectively
You are a good parent with limited time. We can show you how to make time work for you so you can end a day feeling happy with the results.
Get Started Now
Save thousands of dollars and years of research
We figure that over the span of 12 years, if you're choosing resources for your kids like we have, a homeschooler can spend and waste thousands of dollars trying to figure out what their kids need. And THAT doesn't account for the hours of wondering if we were doing a good enough job and struggling to understand our kids' needs. This course clears up those holes in your understanding and gives you HOPE, SUCCESS and CONFIDENCE! You can skip those painful years and save yourself thousands of dollars by enrolling in Homeschool 101!
What You Get With This Course
You'll get live answers to your questions through weekly group coaching by homeschool experts.


You'll have a place to laugh, cry, and share with similar friends. You're no longer alone!
​You will get weekly updates of homeschooling tricks, secrets and hacks.
​You'll know how to help your kids enter college with little known--yet effective--strategies.
"When I started homeschooling, all I wanted was to know someone who'd done it all, a voice to calm my fears and get me through the first year. This is it!
Rebecca puts her arm around you, talks with you as a friend, and shares the things it took me 3 YEARS to figure out! 
I didn't have that person, but if you take this course, you will! 
Totally worth it for moms who are in their first years of homeschooling."
Britany Sproul
Homeschool Mom of 4, Co-Creator

Sample Lesson: 
Why Do YOU Want to Homeschool? (1:07)

When You Enroll in Homeschool 101 Today, You Will Receive IMMEDIATE Access To These Lessons:

  • ​Begin From a Place of Hope, Not Fear (1:44)
  • Don't Worry: Thoughts on Funding, College, Socialization and Being Weird (6:06)
  • ​What Will Your Homeschool Style Be: Structure and Philosophies (2:38)
  • ​Which Curriculum Do I Use: Tips & Recommendations (3:05)
  • ​How to Fund Your Homeschool (4:57)
  • Deschooling: Discover Interests Together (6:32)
  • ​Rhythm, Not Schedule (7:05)
  • ​​If You Do These 10 Things In A Day, You Are SUCCESSFUL! (3:47)
  • BONUS 1: Burnout Is Real: What To Do About It (3:45)
  • BONUS 2: When They Won't Learn: Parts 1 & 2 (7:21)
  • BONUS 3: Interview w/Dad (7:00)

And 24 MORE Great Lessons!

PLUS: To assist you in learning, we've included this 16 page Course Workbook (valued at $40), our Recommended Curriculum (valued at $20), and Guide to Funding Your Homeschool (valued at $40). With these tools you'll be able to think through the ideas you're learning, figure out your strategy, and record it for those tough moments. All without spending hours of tiring internet research!

This Is What You Are Getting
  •  Homeschool 101 Course ($1000 value)
  •  Course Workbook ($40 value)
If You Invest In The Program Today, You'll Also Get:
  •  ​A FREE Ebook  Kiss My Curriculum: How to Love Homeschooling and Ignore the Critics  ($29.99 value)
  • ​You will belong to our Private Group of Homeschoolers just like you! 
  • ​You will get weekly group coaching from homeschooling experts
  • ​You will get weekly updates of homeschooling tricks, secrets and hacks.
  • ​We will share with you our favorite tricks to help your kids get into College that other Highschools don't want you to know. 
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