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Homeschool Simplified!


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.  - Leonardo da Vinci


Did you know.....

  • Homeschooling gives children an unfair advantage
  • It can be done for less than you pay in school lunch and fees
  •  You can do it in less than 2 hours a day
  • Colleges LOVE homeschoolers
  • And So Much More...

Here is the problem you face: 
You don't feel comfortable sending your kids to school this year, but you can't keep them home because you don't trust yourself to educate them.

Which means:
You send them anyway risking illness, frustrated kids, unpredictable schedules, and a prison like atmosphere! Knowing they will  end up coming home anyway once cold season hits. 

 INTRODUCING Homeschooling Course 101! A course to show you how easy and fulfilling homeschooling can be. All in 36 3-5 minute lessons you can listen to while you brush your teeth.

Here is what you will get:

  • You will learn how to raise creative, confident kids who know who they are! (Yes it is possible!)
  • ​Your kids will get into college with or without a diploma (Schools will not share this tip with you! Some even deny it exists)
  • ​You will save money with our curriculum choosing tips, lists of free apps, and online programs (homeschooling can be less expensive than Public School)
  • ​You will save time as your kids will be inspired to work independently so that you can too!
  •  You will be able to organize your day, week, month and year for maximum learning results. (Even if you are not an organized person)
  •  You will learn the best Spaces for kids to learn. (hint: you don't have to create a classroom.)
  • ​You will know what to do when burn out comes. (Hint: these are some of our best days)
  • ​Your children will find their passion and purpose. (You just might discover a new one too!)
  • ​Your relationships will grow stronger (yes even with your teens)
  • ​You will be able to do this while pregnant, working, sick, or stressed! (we did)

At this point, you might wonder, who am I to make these claims about being able to help you with homeschooling your kids?

My Name is Rebecca, 
My husband is a Nasa Engineer, I am an Entrepreneur and we have been homeschooling our children for almost 20 years. I have written a book on our experiences so that you can learn from them too.  I have organized countless homeschool groups, created learning programs, coached hundreds of families and spoken to thousands of homeschoolers to help them find the joy in homeschooling. Our children are creative and socially confident.  I have served on a High School Charter Board of trustees  where I helped start and run several new programs in the high school. 
We are education advocates and believe that all children have great intelligence and potential they just need the right tools! 

See how our program has helped these families...

"To be completely honest, everything was very helpful and we feel very fortunate to have been exposed to this insight so early on in our homeschooling journey. We feel much more confident going forwards and are so very grateful for the opportunity you have provided us with. Thank you very much. I will, without a doubt, be recommending this course to all other homeschooling families I meet in the coming years!" 
homeschooling mom feeling happy
New Homeschool Mom / 
"We don't regret taking this course at all. It was extremely eye opening considering we were completely new to homeschooling. We were about to make many decisions regarding the education of our children and we really felt someone was guiding us through a path that we didn't even know existed, and helped us to look in the right" direction.
New Homeschool Dad /  
"This program covers all the topics that any parent attempting to start homeschooling should be aware of. There are many issues that you may not have considered when you began homeschooling. The wise advice and the experience that is put into the course allows you to ask the right questions and look for answers in the right places."
New Homeschool Mom of 3

This Course Will Make A Huge Difference In Your Home!

How much will this cost?

You get 36, 3-5 minute courses plus a weekly live question and answer weekly facebook group for the price of $197

But before you make a decision, let me sweeten the pot even more, we will include this workbook ....
  • You get 36 videos packed full of money and time saving content
  • You get a weekly facebook live group for questions and answers
  • You will get this pdf journal to help you process the info, keep track of your learning, and take notes
  • You will  receive Rebecca's EBook "Kiss My Curriculum" How to Enjoy Homeschooling and Ignore the Inner Critic completely FREE
  •  You will be apart of our facebook group where you will find even more ideas, tips and tricks. 

When you order today we will give you another $100 off as a part of our special marketing test.
So you only pay $97!!

But I want to make this easy for you...... 
You are going to need a planner, So I am going to send you one for FREE if you sign up TODAY!

This PDF Homeschool Planner Includes Everything you need to run a Home AND their Education!
Because let's face it, when you are educating at home, it's hard to tell where one stops and another begins. 

All of this included in the planner and more......

  • Academic Calendar 
  • Book List by Subject
  • ​Student Independent Reading List
  • ​Quiet Activities for Read Aloud Time
  • ​​Weekly Timetable / Schedule
  • Curriculum Budget
  • Curriculum Research
  • ​Daily Academic Planner
  • ​​Mom's Book List
  • ​Weekly Grid Homeschool Planner
  • Meal Planner
  •  ​Fun Activities List
  • ​​Family Read Aloud Book List
  • ​Field Trip Planner
  • ​Tot Busy Activity List
  • ​Weekly School Tracker
  • Grocery List
  • ​Grade Tracker
  • ​​Homeschool Prep for New School Year
  • ​Websites and Passwords

Valued at $49  But for you TODAY its FREE!

When You Enroll in Homeschool 101 Today, You Will Receive IMMEDIATE Access to:

  •  Homeschool 101 Course ($500 value)
  •  Course Workbook ($50 value)
If You Invest In The Program Today, You'll Also Get:
  •  ​A FREE Ebook  Kiss My Curriculum: How to Love Homeschooling and Ignore the Critics  ($29 value)
  • ​You will belong to our Private Group of Homeschoolers just like you! (lots of help here)
  • ​You will get weekly group coaching from homeschooling experts (saving you stress and time)
  • ​You will get weekly updates of homeschooling tricks, secrets and hacks. (this will save you thousands)
With a total value of $639
but we know you are on a budget so we made this easier
Regular Price is $197

Order Your Homeschool 101 Course
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Regular Price $197

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We give you 14 days to decide if you like it. If not, we refund your money no questions asked and we let you keep all the  free stuff!  So there is absolutely no risk to you! Just send us an email and we will take care of you!

P.S. Let's be blunt: If you pass on this offer, in a week from today will you be well on your way to a confident year of education for you kids? 
Probably not!
You will still be searching for that perfect answer. 
Face it. 
Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement. Get this course now and be on your way in as little as a few minutes. Wouldn't you like to be secure in your decision to homeschool, knowing you have everything you need to educate successful kids? You would be able to brag to your friends that you aren't nervous for the coming fall. 

Act now! Buy Now! Your satisfaction is guaranteed!


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