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"I 100% think the bonus video with Rebecca's husband was helpful. He was very genuine and honest about his thought evolution throughout the entire journey (i.e. more reluctant/concerned at first and then growing to love it) and I think that will be helpful to many families who feel the same way (it certainly helped reassure my husband!).."
 "I would have to say the chapters on funding, curriculum recommendations  and rhythm vs. schedules were the ones that we discussed the most and helped to alleviate our fears. But, to be completely honest, everything was very helpful and we feel very fortunate to have been exposed to this insight so early on in our homeschooling journey"
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"This completely changed the way we see homeschooling! Just the first video made me tear up! I had no idea homeschooling could be so easy and so fulfilling!" My kids are happier, we have a better relationship, and we are all learning together! This program is amazing!"
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