We are Teri, Britany, and Rebecca. Three Homeschool Moms who have seen it all! We have been around long enough to learn to ignore critics, and find plenty of laughter in homeschooling. We have 30 years of experience between us. We want to help. We are all in this together!
Though you see Rebecca in the videos Teri and Britany are just as involved in the building and supporting of this program. You will see them often in the private group! Their insights and tips will blow your mind!

These are our Stories....

Britany Sproul

Britany Sproul is a 4 year homeschooling mama to 4 kiddos, aged 9 to 2.  She is a former middle school social sciences teacher, and a co-founder of Messy Perfection Homeschooler. 

I found myself at a point where I had to homeschool. I was alone. I had no help. I wanted to be happy. I wanted to find the magic. I’m working towards the magic. My message is not that I have the magic, come follow me and I’ll show you how. My message is more, I’m doing this, follow along, we’ll find the magic together. Through chronic pain. Figuring out anger management.
I want to help through the mess and towards our goal of perfection.

 We learned. And I felt lonely. So so lonely. We were by ourselves at the park. I commented in a few places on FB during the year, but not much. I shied away from explaining that I was a homeschooler to the people I saw. My kids mourned that they couldn’t play with their friends. I was depressed (like normal, just with all the kids still home AND the expectation to homeschool in February/March). It was so hard. We finished out the year, but that was crazy hard and lonely.

My son asked me to homeschool again after 1 year of public school. This time, I just didn’t want to. He said he had been bullied. I didn’t really believe him, I thought, he’s sensitive. He said he always wanted to cry on the inside. THAT, I believed, and I believe it even more today. His teachers only knew half of my son. I took him seriously. I took it to the Lord. And 3 months later, I knew the answer was Yes again, that it had always been Yes, but that I had been given the space I needed to survive the previous year, and that it was time to take up the reigns again to homeschool.

So, this time around, I know I need to homeschool. I’m determined to surround myself and my kids with friends and a support group. I’m determined to beat the winter blues. And I’m determined to help my kids be their true selves, even if that means that we have to learn to get along at home.

Rebecca Stromsdorfer

Rebecca Stromsdorfer is a 17 year homeschooling mom of 5, a co-founder of Messy Perfection Homeschooler, and the author of "Kiss My Curriculum: How to Love Homeschooling and Ignore the Inner Critic."

13 years ago I was living in  Maryland in the DC area in one of the worst public school areas in the country. But I was told there was this amazing private school that was French immersion and the kids were learning the coolest things. If I could just get my kids accepted, we would be fine.

I went and toured this school, my oldest was 5, I had 3 others at home, and I walk into this school and we did the tour. And all I did was watch the kids in that school. And yeah, they were speaking French to each other and they were spouting off facts, and they knew all these things! But something hit me that day. I was watching them and I looked at their eyes and something was wrong. They looked dead--there was no light in their eyes! Where was the light in their eyes? They just looked like zombies spouting off facts. And I got this creepy feeling. I thought I don’t want my kids to speak french, I just want them to have light in their eyes! I don’t want them to lose that. How do I help them keep their light forever in their eyes? And that’s when I turned to homeschooling.

My biggest goal in homeschooling is to keep the light in my kids’ eyes. There are days when I see it fading. When I start trying to beat subjects into them and I see that light start to go and that picture of those kids in those schoolrooms comes back to me and I think, “Ok, I’ve gotta keep this light in their eyes.”

I’m feeling this more with teens, now. I work in a charter school and as I see these teens I see them tired and their worn, dead eyes. How do I help parents learn to keep the light in their eyes? That curiosity, that confidence, that passion, in their eyes. Helping teenagers keep that light in their eyes. Help them rekindle the light. That’s my purpose in homeschooling and in helping others to homeschool. To help them keep the light in their eyes.

Teri Shelley

Teri Shelley is the 6 year homeschooling mother of 4 children, with her last two teenagers at home with her. She is a homeschool coach extraordinaire with the most tender heart and firm guidance. She is a co-founder of Messy Perfection Homeschooler.

In the course of my homeschooling I have learned how to not give up and how to not take the easy way out and just stick my son into school. Which technically I feel like that is the easy way out. I feel like it is much harder to homeschool than to just stick them on a bus. Especially when you deal with ungrateful, disrespectful teenagers who like to push your buttons.

 I keep my kids at home not to shelter them but to teach them morality, and values and chastity and all of that. I make the excuse that that’s why I started to homeschool but everything fell into place so beautifully once I started to homeschool that there’s no way that I could deny that it was Divine Intervention that wanted me to homeschool. 

So I understand having those “I don’t want to homeschool” moments. Most homeschoolers want to be with their kids. But there are a select few out there who are like, "I’m so tired of my child getting hurt and my top priority is to protect my children so I want to provide support, love and guidance to those moms who are starting homeschooling." I’m not even 100% sure that I’m in love with homeschooling now. I do have those moments where it reinforces to me, "Yup, that’s why i’m doing it, that’s why I homeschool."
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